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Glass walls have been in trend for the past two decades, but have you heard about Operable Glass Walls?

The operable glass wall systems are made of folding walls and offer unobstructed views and daylighting when closed. When open, operable glass walls create an ample space with fresh air ventilation. It is often believed that glass wall systems are only for vast spaces, but they are currently being used to decongest small places too. Some of these walls offer excellent natural light and sound insulation. The folding glass walls are available in different configurations-folding to the right, to the left, split to fold in two directions, inward or outward. Operable glass walls can either be frameless or stacked between fixed walls. These walls are being used in the interior as well as exterior spaces. Sounds interesting, right? Read on to find more about the applications of this particular industrial glass.


The operable glass wall systems have more than 25 unique systems embedded for a multitude of applications. It can be customized to meet the requirements of nearly every project. Some of the features are:

  • Meets high-velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) requirements
  • Weather-resistant 
  • Made up of structurally glazed industrial glass
  • The operable glass wall comes in aluminum-clad and solid wood frames
  • Eye-catching due to a variety of finishes 
  • Curved and linear spans
  • Available in a variety of materials and sizes
  • Can be clear, frosted, opaque or privacy glass
  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant


Operable glass walls help change fixed walls into flexible openings. These walls eliminate the visual and physical barriers to the outside and create a flex space that merges exterior with the interior. Operable walls provide the comfort of a solid wall and are energy efficient. The walls allow smooth opening and closing. They are expected to have a lasting installation of over 30 years. Here is how architects are using it in different spaces:

  • Residential Spaces

Kitchen spaces can be transformed into complete outdoor/indoor environment areas. Operable glass walls combine folding windows and folding door elements to create your dream kitchen. There are countertop walls too. An operable glass wall can seamlessly unify indoor/outdoor living areas without exposing an entire wall. This can be done with foldable panels parallel to the opening and pivot back to stack out of. The operable glass wall can also separate two spaces as glass walls aren’t limited to one wall but can be used adjacently. Interior designers use operable glass walls to give a resort-like feel to bedrooms and bathrooms, providing scenic views. The inswing glass walls allow fresh air into bedrooms to bathtub areas. Using glass wall systems on adjoining walls can create an expansive view of the outdoors. Operable glass walls allow elegant yet consistent look for multifamily units. Glass walls allow each unit access to the outdoors from the living space without limiting the building’s aesthetics. 

  • Commercial Spaces

Operable glass walls are used in various commercial applications like retail establishments, restaurants, hotels, and offices. The glass walls offer professional-grade toughness to stand up to daily commercial use. Architects use these walls to navigate curves, multiple corners, or to bypass columns. The walls fit in both floors-supported as well as top-hung models. There are also outswing or inswing options. Retail establishments use operable glass walls to create attractive entrances. Security is the top concern of commercial establishments, and operable glass walls are an architect’s number one pick for this. Restaurants use the folding glass wall system to create additional seating options. Glass walls are used to open the top floor restaurant with the skyline. By incorporating outdoor space with indoor space, a unique ambiance for the consumers can be created. Hotels also use folding glass wall systems to create a welcoming environment and access to the pool. Operable glass walls are used in office spaces to separate employee eating spaces and change privacy from an open space to a closed room. This feeling benefits the office’s visual design and improves the workplace as a whole.

Final Word

Operable glass wall systems can change the way buildings and people interact. Whether residential or commercial, an operable glass wall can combine the spaces creating a stunning visual effect and improve the residents’ mood. This industrial glass helps in creating a transformative experience.

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