Industrial Glass USA | Applications of Back-Painted Glass

Back painted glass is a special type of glass that has been growing in popularity in recent years. It is a contemporary addition to the basic design scheme. From luxury living rooms to stylish bedrooms to kitchen designs, you can use this versatile glass style almost anywhere. For many residential and commercial applications, back-painted glass is in high demand. Its applications range from panels for the shower wall to glass backsplash designs to custom bar tops: this industrial glass guarantees clean lines, fresh look, and easy maintenance for residents and professionals. 

Since now we know that back painted glass is trending in the industrial glass industry, let’s understand what Back Painted Glass is and look at some of its uses.

What is Back Painted Glass?

The explanation is in the name – back painted glass is glass painted on the back. Because of the paint, the front side’s effect is that of glass, but with a solid color behind it. You can step up the glossy, glass-like appeal by adding your chosen color. Low iron glass is used, so the shade of the paint passes without distortion or discoloration. The thickness of this industrial glass can range between 1/8″ and 1/2.” It can be made from both annealed as well as tempered glass. For a chic, contemporary look coupled with high functionality and versatility, this glass can adhere to various horizontal and vertical surfaces within home and business settings.

What Can Back Painted Glass Be Used In?

This glass finds applications in the kitchen, bathroom, business, and much more. As more people become aware of its beauty and practical benefits, its demand will continue to grow for usage in office complexes, custom homes, and make-up of living space. This glass is long-lasting enough to be used in high-end family homes, making it equally suitable for corporate boardrooms. Let’s see some of the application areas:

  • Kitchen: Cooks like back painted glass because it’s not stained by spills and splatters and is effortless to clean and sanitize. In kitchen environments, it is used to create:
    • Seamless or almost seamless backsplashes free of grout lines
    • Custom glass tabletops
    • Modern bar tops
    • Kitchen island tops
  • Bathroom Installations: Back painted glass is also an excellent fit for bathroom installations because it withstands moisture, is easy to sanitize, and looks fantastic with the glass, metal, and porcelain often used in bathrooms. The bathroom uses include:
    • Shower wall panels
    • Glass backsplash
    • Bathroom glass wall panels
  • Commercial Buildings: Glaziers make tabletops, glass wall panels, room dividers, and whiteboards from a back-painted glass in commercial settings. This glass is perfect for the business world because of its crisp edges, clean lines, and easy to wash the surface. Furthermore, since color matching is available, glass professionals can even render glass in a company’s logo colors for office décor that heightens branding.
  • Marker Boards: One application of back painted glass that deserves special mention is a whiteboard. When a white piece of this glass adheres to a wall, it immediately becomes both a modern wall hanging and an easy to wipe whiteboard. This property makes it ideal for office space, meeting rooms, waiting areas, school rooms, and homes.

Now that we know where this glass can be used let us look at its pros and cons. 


The back-painted glass material is non-porous, which means it will not trap germs or bacteria and keep your kitchen hygienic. Wiping of this industrial glass and its maintenance are also very easy, making back painted glass kitchen designs accessible. The mix of glass and color helps to bring magnetic layers into space regardless of their size. This means that this glass can reflect light and make a room appear larger without affecting the color.


Firstly, glass is fragile, meaning you need to be careful when installing it in high-footfall areas. 

Secondly, you can’t go back on it once you’ve committed to a color that is hard to make for people who like to change things up a lot. It’s hard to fix or swap it out – you might have to bin all the glasses and install the fresh ones.


Glass customers typically choose back painted glass over several other industrial glasses available. With this glass, walls can be fully covered for a bright, futuristic ambiance. Alternatively, you can use different colored glass panels that can be tastefully arranged to create modern wall art. Whether its use is primarily practical or aesthetic, back-painted glass is a durable industrial glass that’s easy to maintain.

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